Jewel Journey

All you online slots fans out there will love the jungle adventure that is, the Jewel Journey slots game. This easy to play slot is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie, and features an explorer and symbols of all the things that might either be used or encountered whilst on a jungle expedition.

The main character, The Professor acts as a free spins trigger when three or more scatter images of him are revealed. As you might expect in such an adventure based game there is also a Treasure map and again this is a scatter symbol which generates a free game. In fact the Jewel Journey slot game features no less than 4 scatter symbols, which makes this particular 5 reel, 25 payline slot an almost guaranteed free game generator.

Jewel Journey is a certainly an online slots game that will keep most players on the edge of their seats. The Jewel Journey game seems fast and furious and this is helped by the amount of random scatters that generate free spins, in addition if the auto spin function is selected this helps to adds to the excitement still further. Players can join in all the Jewel Journey fun for as little as 1p a line; although it is more beneficial in the pay stakes to maximise the amount of money wagered as this will increase the jackpot prize fund on a win.

The look of Jewel Journey slot game will not repel the guys, and equally will not be unattractive to any female slots players. Sadly for the big jackpot hunters there isn’t a progressive jackpot on offer, although there are still some pretty impressive jackpots available to win, especially if the scatter symbols are revealed to a players favour and a maximum bet is made. Jewel Journey instant game players are aiming to match symbols in the game, if a purple gem stone is revealed then this can pay out a bigger prize if there is one possible as it will act as a substitute for another required symbol.

This purple gem will also provide a double size payout for the player in this instance. The gem is also one of the scatter symbols, so if a slots player has three or more of these symbols revealed then an extra game will be generated called ‘match & Win’. The fourth and final scatter symbol is the Tiger, revealing three or more tigers will proved the ‘Great Escape’ free bonus game. This game will allow players to win up to 100x their initial triggering bet.

All in all the Jewel Journey slot game is a lovely way to spend spare time in between bingo or casino games. It doesn’t take any particular skill, concentration or game plan, what it can take is your cash and rather quickly if you hit the auto play and set the amount of spins too high– so just beware if you are on a budget. Otherwise Jewel Journey is a joy to play for all players.


Dragonfish – 888 Holdings


There are not many things that Jewel Journey slot game players can alter to suit them, just the usual of bet size and the amount of paylines, sound and Auto spin. The game is clear to understand and really easy to play, but if you are curious how a win is calculated then a quick scan of the options will provide access to the paytables where everything will be explained.


Sadly there is no progressive Jackpot available when playing the Jewel Journey slot game. However this does not detract too much from the enjoyment of playing the game and even so there are still some pretty attractive jackpots available to win.


Match & Win is a game that will be provided when a player reveals 3 or more of the purple gemstones over the 5 reels. This simple game will show 12 of the purple gemstones, a Jewel Journey player will continue to select gems until they manage to reveal a matching pair. The figure revealed will be multiplied by the bet that initially triggered the game to provide the winning payout to the player.

Jewel Journey slot game players who reveal three or more professor symbols could receive up to 12 free spin rounds, which maybe not as generous as other offers. Players will receive prizes depending on their original best zies and paylines selected.

The Gem Select bonus game is triggered when 3 or map symbols are revealed. In brief players will need to match the colour of a selected gem from a choice of 5 to the colour of the eye of the displayed statue when 60 times the original bet will be paid out. If there is no match then the award will be between 10 times and 30 times the original wager.

The Jewel Journey Great Escape bonus game is triggered when 3 or more tiger symbols are revealed. This game will provide the player with three possible escape routes to get away from the tiger; the free bonus will be calculated by the number then revealed which could be 10, 50 or 100 times the original bet.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is a 5-reel, 25-line online slots game based on the hit US TV show of the same name, which is made by the people behind other great slots titles such as The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.

This sleek and stylish online slots game isn’t bogged down with dozens of various bonus features, just free spins and one bonus game, which makes for high speed non-stop slots action. You can pick up the pace of your spins even further by employing the handy auto play function, taking the hassle out of clicking spin over and over again from your game.

An interactive bonus round is triggered when you spin 3 or more ‘Hole in the Wall’ bonus scatter symbols in any position on any reels. First you will be asked to pick your wall, each one of which are represented by the triggering scatter symbols and each with their own prize. You will then be asked to choose a family member to play the bonus round.

Once you’ve selected you wall and player you will move to the second part of the bonus round, where you must make your chosen player jump through the gap in the wall without knocking out any bricks. Each successful wall cleared will earn you a multiplier, with a maximum multiplier bonus of 40x original wager available. However, while reviewing the Hole in the Wall online slots game we only managed to trigger the bonus round twice in over 1,000 spins.

In short, Hole in the Wall offers you fast slots action and a possible high payout as well. So if you want to play an online online slots game that offers a good variety of bonuses and play options, has an interactive bonus round and is available to play online via a cutting edge, industry-leading slots platform – then you are most certainly in the right place.


NextGen Gaming


Hole in the Wall is a graphic-rich interactive 5-reel, 20-line online slots game that features scatter symbols, wild symbols and a generous bonus round. Play from 1 to 20 pay lines with bet amounts from 5p to £10 per line per spin. The sleek and stylish play window displays your balance, stake and winnings across the top with bet and line selectors across the bottom along with the spin and auto play buttons.


Hole in the Wall doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot but it does boast a massive 10,000x standard jackpot for spinning 5 wild symbols on any pay line.


‘Hole in the Wall’ Scatter Symbols: Spin 2 or more ‘Hole in the Wall’ scatter symbols to receive a scatter bonus. Spin 2 symbols to win a 2x scatter bonus, spin 3 symbols to win a 5x scatter bonus, spin 4 symbols to win a 25x scatter bonus or spin 5 symbols to win a 100x scatter bonus.

The ‘Hole in the Wall scatter symbols are also the bonus round trigger. Spin 3 or more symbols to enter the interactive bonus round for the chance to win prizes that can be multiplied by up to 40x.

‘Replay’ Scatter Symbols: Spinning 3 or more ‘Replay’ scatter symbols earns you both a scatter prize and a free re-spin. Spin 3 symbols to win a 1x scatter bonus, spin 4 symbols to win a 3x scatter bonus or spin 5 symbols to win a 25x scatter bonus.


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Fruity Burst

Have your five a day with the Fruity Burst game, it is fun to play and operates in a very similar way to a slot game – although it is not considered to be one in the true sense. This is a game that is very easy to play and gives multiple chances of winning; in fact you can make several wins from just one stake. This game consists of a grid rather than reels which make it different to the traditional slot game, but the principle behind a win is very much the same.

The Fruity Burst grid consist of five rows and five columns with a mixture of symbols and the aim is to match these symbols to produce a win. Unlike some slot games there can be no matches diagonally and they must be in groups of at least 5 and adjacent to each other. If you make a match and create a win, the winning Fruity Burst symbols will then explode and those other symbols above will then drop down into the gaps to hopefully, create another win.

Fruity Burst is also a game which leaves you in complete control of your wagers. You can choose to wager as little as 10p per play or as much as £10. So whatever your budget, Fruity Burst will easily fit in. Fruity Burst wins are paid out as multiples of your wager, depending on how many matches you make so the more you wager, the more you are likely to win. The maximum you can win is 5,000 X your wager for matching 16 cherries. If you wager £10 and strike lucky, Fruity Burst will pay you a massive £50,000. So in terms of prize money it is right up with there with any slots.


Virtue Fusion


The fact that you are able to increase and decrease your stake, makes Fruity Burst very appealing. If you were to get a sizeable win on a smaller stake, you can then up your stake if you wish to increase any further wins you may have. You also have the option of auto play, allowing you to select the amount of games you want to play at a chosen wager and at the click of a button, Fruity Burst will do everything for you for the selected amount of games.


There is no progressive jackpot with Fruity Burst, but the fact that there are multiple chances of winning from one stake, coupled with the fact that there is a top payout of £50,000, does not take away any players desire to play Fruity Burst.


Fruity Burst does not have a bonus feature but being able to play from as little as 10p per game gives this game lots of appeal.

sands-of-fortune slot

Sands of Fortune

Sands of Fortune is an Egyptian-themed online slots game with many similarities to Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster movie – Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the game you will find a character similar to Indiana Jones who will explore hidden passageways in a bid to recover lost artefacts that are worth cash prizes to you. So it’s up to you to help your plucky adventurer find as many artefacts and other prizes for you as he can while he winds his way through the tombs of ancient Pharaohs.

Some of the Egyptian-themed symbols you will stumble upon while playing Sands of Fortune include; the Eye of Ra, scorpions, scarab beetles, pyramids and many other ancient Egyptian references – the only thing missing is Tutankhamen himself!

Once you’re ready to start your adventure simply choose how many lines you want to play from 1 to 9 and then choose your bet amount from 25p per line to a massive £10 per line for players looking for the big action. When playing at £10 per line you have the potential to win a massive £250,000 jackpot for matching all five jackpot symbols. That’s a 25,000x jackpot up for grabs, which is still £6,250 when spinning at 25p a pop.

If you spin 3 or more ‘Bonus’ symbols you will trigger the all-important bonus feature, where you will have to guide your intrepid explorer through a maze of tunnels and passageways in a bid to find as many lost artefacts and treasures as possible but look out for the booby traps. At the start of the feature you must choose one passageway from a possible three. If you choose the right passageway your Indiana Jones-style character will discover a lost treasure, win you some cash and move on to the next passages. However, if you send your adventurer down the wrong passageway he will encounter a trap and have to run for his life to escape certain death, but luckily he will take his new found treasures and your cash prizes with him.

Sands of Fortune does have one other feature to offer that will benefit you as you spin the reels. There are ‘Wild’ symbols on each of the reels, which can be used as substitutes for any other symbols in the game with the exception of the bonus symbols. This gives you an even better chance of matching symbols and winning prizes.

Sands of Fortune offers something different to many of the thousands of other online slots games out there. The game itself has a pretty unique feel to it while the ‘regular’ 25,000x jackpot puts it way ahead of most of the field, which is why we’re giving it our seal of approval.


Electracade Ltd


As with all good online slots games, Sands of Fortune is a simple 5-reel slot that’s easy to get to grips with. Simply choose your bet between 25p to £10 per line, choose from 1 to 9 lines and hit the spin button. To ease the strain on your mouse clicking finger you can use the auto play facility, plus there are other sound and play options.
At many sites Sands of Fortune is available to play for real money or in fun mode for play money, allowing you to try the slots game out before you wager any of you own cash.


One of the only disappointments when playing Sands of Fortune is the absence of a progressive jackpot. However, the jackpot for this popular online slots game is a massive 25,000, meaning that players maxing out at £10 per line can play for a jackpot of a quarter of a million pounds! Now that’s a much bigger prize than many of the progressive jackpots out there.


Match 3, 4 or 5 ‘Bonus’ symbols to trigger a bonus feature where you must choose one of three paths. If you choose the right path you will win cash prizes and continue playing but if you choose the wrong path the bonus feature will be over and your winnings up to that point in the bonus feature will be added to your account.
‘Wild’ symbols can be used as a substitute for all other symbols in the game with the exception of the ‘Bonus’ symbols.