Fruity Burst

Have your five a day with the Fruity Burst game, it is fun to play and operates in a very similar way to a slot game – although it is not considered to be one in the true sense. This is a game that is very easy to play and gives multiple chances of winning; in fact you can make several wins from just one stake. This game consists of a grid rather than reels which make it different to the traditional slot game, but the principle behind a win is very much the same.

The Fruity Burst grid consist of five rows and five columns with a mixture of symbols and the aim is to match these symbols to produce a win. Unlike some slot games there can be no matches diagonally and they must be in groups of at least 5 and adjacent to each other. If you make a match and create a win, the winning Fruity Burst symbols will then explode and those other symbols above will then drop down into the gaps to hopefully, create another win.

Fruity Burst is also a game which leaves you in complete control of your wagers. You can choose to wager as little as 10p per play or as much as £10. So whatever your budget, Fruity Burst will easily fit in. Fruity Burst wins are paid out as multiples of your wager, depending on how many matches you make so the more you wager, the more you are likely to win. The maximum you can win is 5,000 X your wager for matching 16 cherries. If you wager £10 and strike lucky, Fruity Burst will pay you a massive £50,000. So in terms of prize money it is right up with there with any slots.


Virtue Fusion


The fact that you are able to increase and decrease your stake, makes Fruity Burst very appealing. If you were to get a sizeable win on a smaller stake, you can then up your stake if you wish to increase any further wins you may have. You also have the option of auto play, allowing you to select the amount of games you want to play at a chosen wager and at the click of a button, Fruity Burst will do everything for you for the selected amount of games.


There is no progressive jackpot with Fruity Burst, but the fact that there are multiple chances of winning from one stake, coupled with the fact that there is a top payout of £50,000, does not take away any players desire to play Fruity Burst.


Fruity Burst does not have a bonus feature but being able to play from as little as 10p per game gives this game lots of appeal.