Fortune’s Prophet

Fortune’s Prophet is a Chinese Zodiac-themed slots game/bingo side game that can be found at many Dragonfish bingo sites. This sleek and simple quick-fire slot is perfect to play alongside or in between bingo games, which is why it’s found at many of the internet’s top sites.

The reels of Fortune’s Prophet are decorated with the various creatures of the Chinese zodiac, such as pigs, cockerels, rats, rams, snakes rabbits and more plus the koi fish and fortune cookies.

Thanks to the familiar feeling Dragonfish layout you will immediately feel at home spinning the reel of Fortune’s Prophet. Start playing for the two bonus feature rounds and a massive standard jackpot of 5,000x, which is doubled if you use a wild symbol to make your winning combination. One of the bonus rounds is a prize picks round, where you get to choose up to 5 prizes and the other bonus round is a free games round, where all prizes are doubled.

Even though Fortune’s Prophet has a very ‘samey’ feel to it you will be pleasantly surprised to find that it also has a certain uniqueness to it at the same time.

Admittedly, this isn’t a ground breaking in-depth and pioneering online slots game but Fortune’s Prophet does offer you a quick spin of the slots if the mood takes you, which is perfect accompaniment for the bingo sites where you’ll find it.


Fortune’s Prophet is a simple 5-reel, 25-line online slots game with a very familiar layout thanks to the Dragonfish software. There’s the usual prize, bet and bankroll information across the top of the play window, then you line, bet and audio options accompanied by the spin and auto play buttons. There are two bonus rounds to play for on Fortune’s Prophet plus a handy wild symbol to add further excitement.


Fortune’s Prophet doesn’t have a progressive jackpot to pl ay for but you can win a standard jackpot of up to 5,000 your bet for spinning 5 ‘Ram’ symbols on any of your pay lines, which is doubled should you make your jackpot winning combination using a wild symbol.


‘Koi Fish’ Scatter Symbols: Spin 3 or more ‘Koi Fish’ symbols in any position on any reels to trigger the Prize Picks bonus round. Spin 3 symbols to earn 3 prize picks, 4 symbols to earn 4 prize picks and 5 symbols to earn 5 prize picks with prizes up to 100x your triggering bet.

‘Rat’ Scatter Symbols: Spin 3 or more ‘Rat’ symbols in any position on any reels to trigger the Free Games bonus round. Spin 3 symbols to earn 15 free games, 4 symbols to earn 20 free games and 5 symbols to earn 25 free games. During the free games your prizes are doubled and the feature can be retriggered during your free games.

‘Fortune Cookie’ Wild Symbols: The ‘Fortune Cookie’ wild symbol can be used as a substitute for all other symbols, with the exception of the two scatter symbols. All winning combinations made using a ‘Fortune Cookie’ wild symbol will have the prize doubled.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune slots game (which is also known as Wheel of Fortune: Hollywood Edition), is a simple and straightforward 5-reel, 5-line online slot that is based on the world-famous TV game show of the same name. Place your bet, spin the reels and try to get your turn at spinning the legendary Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune slots players can choose their bet amount then start spinning the reels in a bid to line up 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols. While playing the Wheel of Fortune slots game players are not only trying to win line prizes but they are also trying to start the Wheel Bonus round for the chance to win the accumulator jackpots. Simply match 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reels of your play lines to activate the Wheel Bonus round.

Once a player has activated the Wheel Bonus round they will be asked to spin the Wheel of Fortune, the same as you might be if you were actually on the TV game show yourself. Whatever prize the player lands on will be awarded, then they will be asked if they wish to spin the wheel again for a chance to win further prizes or alternatively if they want to walk away and take their winnings. If the spin again option is selected then the player will need to avoid the ‘bankrupt’ sections that appear after the spin of the wheel for the first time. Each successful spin of the wheel will produce more ‘bankrupt’ sections, reducing thechances of winning again. The trick here is to know when to stop spinning.

Should a player be unlucky enough to land on a ‘bankrupt’ section then they shouldn’t despair. This is because they will be offered a consolation prize which can be kept or gambled in the Double or Nothing Wheel bonus round. Players can spin the Double or Nothing Wheel up to five times but remember that if you land on nothing then that’s exactly what you get – nothing!

Although Wheel of Fortune is a simple 5-reel, 5-line slots game you may find the features and bonuses a little complicated and tricky to get to grips with when you first start playing but once you get the hang of it you will find that the Wheel of Fortune slots game is a fun place to play online slots.

Happy Mushrooms

happy-mushroom-slot-gameIf you’re looking for a simple, quick-fire online slots game to play alongside your games of bingo then look no further than the Happy Mushrooms slots game. This fairytale-themed slot is filled with bonus rounds, wild symbols and big jackpots that are all available through the familiar feeling, sleek play window, allowing you to get to grips with the game in no time at all.

Happy Mushrooms is just the tonic for you if you like simple slots that require little to no thinking to play. The most complex thing you will be asked to do while playing Happy Mushrooms is to pick a prize or press spin, and you can even use the auto play function to save you having to press spin.


While spinning the reels you will encounter a number of cute symbols including; mushrooms, owls, flowers, ladybirds and baskets along with other fluffy and cute symbols. Out of all of these symbols the ‘Mushroom’, ‘Owl’ and ‘Flower’ symbols are the ones to keep an eye open for. The ‘Flower’ symbol is a wild symbol that can be used as a substitute for most other symbols, while the ‘Owl’ and the all-important ‘Mushroom’ symbols are scatter symbols that trigger bonus rounds.

In summary, if you’re looking for a sweet and simple online slots game that uses a familiar play window, has a cute and cuddly theme and offers more than enough bonuses to keep the most demanding slots player happy then Happy Mushrooms is the slots game for you.


The Happy Mushrooms slots game is a simple, yet thoroughly entertaining, 5-reel, 25-line slots game with two bonus rounds and wild symbols. The easy-to-use play window offers you a handful of useful options along with the bet, line and auto play options. You can play between 1 and 25 lines with a minimum cost per spin of 25p and the maximum of £10.


The Happy Mushrooms online slots game has no progressive jackpot to play for but there is a massive 10,000x jackpot to play for.


‘Owl’ Scatter Symbols: Spin 3 or more ‘Owl’ scatter symbols to trigger the Free Games bonus round, where all prizes are doubled. The number of ‘Owl’ symbols you spin during your triggering turn will determine the number of free spins that you receive. Spinning 3 symbols earns you 15 free spins, spinning 4 symbols earns you 20 free spins and spinning 5 symbols earns you 25 free spins.

‘Mushroom’ Scatter Symbols: Spin 3 or more ‘Mushroom’ Scatter Symbols to trigger the Mushroom Adventure bonus round, where you have up to three prize picks with prizes up to 100x your triggering bet. The number of ‘Mushroom’ symbols you spin during your triggering turn will determine the number of prize picks that you receive. Spinning 3 symbols earns you 3 prize picks, spinning 4 symbols earns you 4 prize picks and spinning 5 symbols earns you 5 prize picks.

‘Flower’ Wild Symbols: The ‘Flower’ symbols can be used as a substitute for all other symbols, with the exception of the ‘Owl’ and ‘Mushroom’ scatter symbols. Any winning combination made using a ‘Flower’ symbols will have its prize doubled.

Monopoly – Pass Go

The Monopoly – Pass Go instant game is based on the famous board game of the same name. This means that players will be entirely familiar with the look of this exciting 9 pay line slot. Players can set the amount of stake they wish to bet and how many pay lines they wish to select. The price of the spin goes up depending on the amount of lines selected – the more chosen, the higher the payout on a win.

Passing go, community chest cards, Rich Uncle Pennybags, property deeds and the jail are all part of this great Monopoly version of a familiar feeling online slots game. From the moment you take your first spin of the reels you will instantly be reminded of the timeless classic board game and, as in the board game and as the title of the game suggests, you will be rewarded for passing go. However you won’t simply receive £200, it could be more!

For matching 3 ‘Dice’ bonus symbols you will trigger the Pass Go bonus round for the chance to win cash prizes and multipliers. You will first be asked to choose one of the ‘Dice’ symbols; each one has a value of between 1 and 6 rolls of the dice by Rich Uncle Pennybags during the round. Each time the dice are rolled your playing piece will move around the board accordingly, collecting prizes and multipliers along the way. At the end of the round you will see a property deed card with your total bonus winnings.

The Community Chest Instant Bonus is a quick way to win some cash. Simply spin 3 ‘Community Chest’ symbols on the last 3 reels to trigger the bonus. You will then be asked to choose one of the symbols and, just like the Pass Go bonus round, each symbol has its own value, which pays you a multiplying figure of your triggering bet amount.

Finally the ‘Rich Uncle Pennybags’ wild symbols are displayed, these can be used as substitutesfor all other symbols with the exception of ‘Dice’ and Community Chest’ bonus symbols. Not only can you increase your chances of winning with these wild symbols but if you match 5 of them in a row across any of your play lines you will automatically win the 25,000x jackpot.

In summary, the Monopoly slots game is good fun and will make you want to keep spinning those reels over and over again … which is a shame seeing that there’s no auto play facility. However, beyond this one minor flaw the Monopoly slots game gets our ‘thumbs up.’


Electracade Ltd

Bonus features

Monopoly features a free bonus round when three spinning dice are displayed; the player has the opportunity to choose one of the dice to determine how many free dice spins (1 – 6) they will receive in the Pass ‘Go’ bonus game. The free bonus game is based on the traditional Monopoly board game. The player gets the chance to spin the dice the revealed number of times to gain bonus winnings.

Monopoly also features a free community chest Instant Bonus game. When 3 of the community chest symbols are revealed on the end 3 reels after a spin. The player can choose which of the 3 chests they prefer. Once selected, the multiplier prize will be revealed with the cash prize immediately credited to the players account.

Game Functionality

Sadly the Monopoly slot game does not have an auto play function, for the player that likes to select the amount of spins and hit ‘PLAY’ once, this can be a minor irritation. However the game is simplicity itself to play and so any small annoyances can be forgiven for the enjoyment provided playing this game based on the family favourite Monopoly.

The Monopoly game is lively to look at and provides a very exciting instant game experience – though the slot offers some entertaining sounds, the novelty soon wears off and these can become a little irritating after a while. Luckily players can choose to disable the sound in the ‘options’.

Progressive jackpot

There’s no progressive jackpot to chase as you attempt to take over London with your very own monopoly but there is a massive 25,000x regular jackpot up for grabs for spinning 5 ‘Wild’ symbols on any of your play lines.